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About Caldon Ultrasonic Technology Center

Measurement Systems (division)
1333 West Loop South, Suite 1700
Houston, Texas 77027
+1 713-513-3300
+1 713-513-3456 (fax)

Caldon Ultrasonic Technology Center
1000 McClaren Woods Drive 
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 15216
(724) 273-9300
(724) 273-9301 (fax)

Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries. It has three operating groups and 11 divisions with 300+ locations around the world and 60+ product brands. Cameron's Measurement Systems division is a world leader in five key product and/or capability sectors including differential pressure unit (DPU) products, turbine meters and totalizers; and sampling and blending. The division is also strong in ultrasonic flowmetering and electronic flow measurement. Its seven flagship product brands include Barton, NuFlo, and Caldon flowmeters. 

Caldon products are based on transit time ultrasonic technology. In addition to flow instruments, the Caldon product line includes instruments that can measure temperature, viscosity, and density, as well as interface detection equipment for use in pipelines. The nuclear industry remains the primary market for Caldon products, but there is an increasing emphasis on the petroleum, hydroelectric and military specification markets. 

History and Organization

Cameronís history traces back to 1833 when the Cooper brothers, Charles and Elias, opened a small, one-horse powered foundry in Mount Vernon, Ohio. They went on to focus on engines and in 1900 began producing natural gas internal combustion engines. The company diversified over the years and in 1965 began a major diversification program leading to operations in electrical, automotive and tools, and hardware industries.

Cameron entered the flowmeter business in May 2005 when it acquired NuFlo Technologies, a unit of SCF Partners, a private equity firm in Houston investing in companies in the oilfield service sector. NuFlo acquired Barton Instruments (positive displacement (PD) and turbine), Halliburton Measurement Systems (turbine and PD), PMC Global Industries (turbine), and North Star Flow Products (orifice fittings and meter runs) in 2003. The remainder of Barton became Prime Measurement. In March 2007 the Measurement Systems Division of Cameron (until that same year known as NuFlo Measurement Systems) bought Prime Measurementís intellectual assets and a range of products. Today the NuFlo brand includes turbine and differential pressure (DP) flowmeters. Cameronís PD meters are marketed under the Barton Measurement brand. In 2006 Cameron acquired Caldon, Inc., founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of ultrasonic flowmeter devices, and added it to the Measurement Systems division.

In January 2007, the entire NuFlo Measurement Systems organization, including the Caldon operation, was renamed as the Measurement Systems division of Cameron. Also in 2007, Cameron moved its Caldon operations to a new 65,000 square foot Ultrasonics Technology Center just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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